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Within working organizations, employees, especially fresh graduates, often encounter challenges in finding suitable mentors for help and establishing effective communication channels, which slows down their learning process. The proposed solution, the Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Platform, aims to address these limitations of existing mentorship systems. The Mentor App aims to create a platform that fosters meaningful connections between mentors and mentees, facilitating knowledge exchange, personal growth, and professional development. Through mentor and mentee profiles, users can register and log in, with mentees sharing their interests and learning objectives. Real-time messaging and communication features will enable seamless interaction. Developed using Flutter for frontend and Firebase for backend functionalities. By leveraging a centralized mobile platform, this project connects employees seeking mentorship with their fellow employees who possess the knowledge and experience they seek. Through topic-based requests and real-time messaging, mentees can easily connect with mentors, initiate direct communication, and receive tailored guidance in their areas of interest. By providing a centralized and user-friendly platform, the Mentor App overcomes the limitations of traditional mentorship systems. This solution facilitates knowledge exchange and enhances the overall working and learning experience for employees.

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Technologies Used

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  1. Student
  • πŸ“š Login/Signup

1.A. Student (Mentee)

  • πŸ“š Post Request
  • πŸ“š Edit/Delete post
  • πŸ“š View Mentor's Teaching Applications
  • πŸ“š Approve Mentor Application
  • πŸ“š Chat with Mentor
  • πŸ“š Add other Mentee to chat
  • πŸ“š Pay mentor fee (Payment Integration)

1.B. Student (Mentor)

  • πŸ“š View Requests
  • πŸ“š Apply for Teaching
  • πŸ“š Remove Teaching Application
  • πŸ“š Chat with Mentee