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Preorder And Parking App


In today's bustling environment of big malls, the hypermarket experience often entails long queues at the billing counters, leading to time-consuming delays for shoppers. This project aims to streamline the shopping experience. This project is developed using flutter as frontend and firebase as backend. This mobile application allows users to browse and order products from the hypermarket's inventory and receive a unique QR code for item orders. Hypermarket staff will then prepare the order, and customers can simply present their QR code for swift retrieval. Additionally, this application enables users to reserve parking slots, further optimizing their time spent at the hypermarket. The unique QR code assigned to them while slot booking can be used to scan by the parking slot security for easier parking experience. This integrated solution addresses the inconvenience of traditional shopping, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

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Technologies Used

Project IDFL010A



  1. Shop
  • 🏬 Login
  • 🏬 Add Items
  • 🏬 Edit/Delete Items
  • 🏬 View Orders
  • 🏬 Scan Order QR from customer
  • 🏬 Create security account
  1. Customer
  • 🏬 Login/Signup
  • 🏬 View Items
  • 🏬 Order Items
  • 🏬 View parking slot
  • 🏬 Book parking slot
  • 🏬 Generate QR for order and slot
  • 🏬 View order status
  1. Security
  • 🏬 Login
  • 🏬 Scan parking QR from customer
  • 🏬 View parking slot availability